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Professional Building Systems - As a seasoned leader in custom manufactured homes arena we pride ourselves in the ability to design, engineer and build a truly custom crafted home which we are capable of achieving while maintaining our core beliefs of quality, customer satisfaction, service and value. Although we offer a wide range of standard plans we do this with the understanding they will be used as a mere starting point to be modified by you to meet your specific lifestyle and housing needs. With your continued support we will continue to "Build America's Future...Today!"

Why Choose Professional Building Systems?

Professional Building Systems, Inc. (“PBS”) is a leading manufacturer of modular structures.  PBS markets, designs, engineers, manufactures, and services customized modular structures for the multi-family, adult living, hospitality, education, single-family, and the light commercial markets. Established in 2000, PBS offers a wide variety of high-quality, custom-built modular products.

Sales Personnel
PBS’s sales personnel are knowledgeable and experienced, generally having over 20 years of experience in construction and engineering. PBS’s automated pricing system allows for prompt response to requests for quotes.

PBS’s engineering keeps up with changes in technology, design, and code requirements; and is innovative in finding solutions to builder needs. PBS has designed and built modular products that other modular manufacturing companies could not find a way of designing.

New Technologies
PBS is a leader in new construction technologies, with experience in structural insulated panels (“SIPs”), in solar technologies, and in special open-cell and closed-cell insulations. PBS built the Penn State house for the Modular Decathlon, held in Washington, D.C., where the entrants competed in demonstrating new energy-saving technologies. The house produced more energy (from the sun) than it used (returning a net amount of electrical energy to the grid). PBS is experienced in building sprinkler and air-conditioning systems, doing much of the work ourselves, and coordinating with experts in each area.

Quality Product
PBS has a deserved reputation for producing high-quality structures. These structures are built by a production team that has an average of over 15 years of experience. Our modules are constructed with 30% more lumber than a site-built structure, since they need to travel miles of roads and highways and are lifted by a crane from the transporter onto the foundation.

Quality Assurance
PBS employs a strict quality control process throughout the production phase of the house. In addition to PBS’s quality control team, the third-party engineering company also makes periodic inspections in the factory to ensure that the modules comply with the approved stamped plans. This inspection and approval by the third-party agency is evidenced by a label placed in each module for observation by the local code inspector.

Quality Materials
PBS uses top-quality, brand-name materials. We customize structures with a wide variety of products, as specified by the builder.

PBS continues to stand behind its products and offer superior service, while maintaining a loyal builder base.

Experienced Management Team
Most of the PBS management team members are individuals with 20 to 30 years of modular experience. These seasoned veterans have experienced and lead the evolution of the modular industry from simple rectangular homes to extremely customized building.

PBS’s financial stability allows it to buy quality materials at prices that are generally less than its competitors, allowing PBS to price its product very competitively versus others.

Manufacturing Capacity
PBS has over 280,000 square feet of manufacturing space available in the Middleburg area, giving it the building capacity to produce up to 60 modular sections (or about 40,000 square feet of structures) per week.

PBS uses its own trucking company, and the strongest carriers in the industry, protecting your structure during transportation from the factory to your site. Our structures have less drywall cracking than competitors.

PBS is located within 20 miles from I-80 and is geographically positioned to allow for easy distribution to builders throughout the Eastern United States via the interstate highways.

PBS’s manufacturing process is designed to produce an environmentally-friendly product, and to keep waste to a minimum.

Multi-family Specialists
PBS’s production is approximately 30% multi-family.

Multi-family/Commercial Structures
PBS produces multi-family and commercial modular structures such as apartment buildings, motels, offices, college dormitories, condominiums, assisted living facilities, and schools.  Many builders, developers, and architects embrace the use of modular construction as it relates to large-scale projects.

Located in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Dutch country has enabled PBS to hire the core of its individuals with a strong heritage of a work ethic that is typically not seen in many parts of the country. This has been displayed through the hard work and dedication to their jobs, along with many employees having been with PBS since its inception, lending itself to individuals who have many years of experience at their profession.
PBS employees have a work ethic that results in producing a high-quality structure.
PBS currently employees over 260 professionals.



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